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Eric Nolan Gonzaba
Digital Design Portfolio

HIST 697: Creating History in New Media

HIST 697: Creating History in New Media, also known as Clio Wired II, is a required course for history PhD students at George Mason University. Students learn to adapt their historical inquires to digital environments. In the previous semester (Clio Wired I), I completed a digital archive of LGBT historical t-shirts, which know includes materials from Indianapolis, IN and Chicago, IL. This portfolio serves as my first foray into web design. Suffice it to say, I have plenty to learn about design and coding.

About Me

A future disco and slasher film historian?

I'm currently a doctoral student in American history at George Mason University. I received a BA in history and political science from Indiana University in 2012 and a MA in history and women/gender studies from George Mason University in 2014. My research interests revolve around the cultural politics of race and gender in late 20th century America, particularly 1970s dance music, horror films, and conservatism. I formerly served as the editorial assistant for the Indiana Magazine of History, one of the nation’s oldest historical journals. I also served as a summer historian intern at the National Cemetery Administration of the Department of Veterans Affairs in 2014.


Anti pornography demonstration, 1970s